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Clarion Steel Products Group are specialists in the design and manufacture of unique perimeter barriers. (In fact the world’s largest). We are also the pioneers in architectural security barriers. Our Clarion C-thru Simplified is the original and remains the only recognized architecturally inspired high security fence.

There has been great response to the Clarion C-thru concept which has ultimately resulted in imitation products now being offered on the market. As we have learnt and developed, we have protected our engineering and design investments with patents and design registrations. Whilst the imitation products may appear similar, they are prevented from replicating Clarion C-thru crucial elements. In such these systems are deceptively weak and distinctly inferior. We have listed below the distinguishing characteristics of Clarion C-thru and the ‘value add’ offered by Clarion Steel as a group.


Our Clarion C-thru is an architecturally engineered fence designed to provide elevated security in an attractive unobtrusive form. Clarion C-thru complies with the Physical Security Standards of the Government Security Regulator.

A crucial element of the design from a security aspect is the technique of fixing the panel to the support structure. As you'll notice, our system is pressed on the edges. These edges fit into a recess on the post, known as a ‘locking recess mechanism’, and are clamped into place. The benefit is that the fixtures are secured on the inside of the fence line (shielded from attack) and as they lock into the post over a wide surface area (76mm x 150mm) are impossible to dislodge manually. A recent security improvement to the system is the inclusion of the anti-scale device.


Clarion C-thru was developed over a three year period in close association with the Architectural profession. The patented rock rigid panel formation, crisp edges, hidden fixtures and flush panel post finish, lend the system to appearance orientated requirements.

In addition, as a result of this rock rigid manufacture technology Clarion C-thru can be manufactured in 3.5m widths (Fewer posts and supports - less visible). Clarion Steel Clarion C-thru is described as enhancing a spaces appearance.


Clarion Steel’s Marine Fusion Bond is recognized as the world’s most advanced and durable fence coating technology. Clarion Steel have secured exclusive rights to this product. You can expect a lifespan in excess of 35 years (virtually maintenance free). As a note, Marine Fusion Bond is used as a less expensive alternative to stainless steel.

Production Capacity:

Having the largest manufacturing capability in the Southern hemisphere, we can ensure delays are minimized and supply is rapid.

Local Proximity & Knowledge:

Our group has its presence in all the continents to ensure that our clients get the best service and support during & after the project. We are well experienced with the challenges associated with various environment and have supplied our Clarion C-thru fencing system to many projects in the past five years.

Quality Assurance:

As an ISO registered company manufacturing according to SABS codes and standards with SABS approved raw material you can be assured of the highest quality product.

Product Guarantee:

Clarion Steel Physical Security Barrier, Clarion C-thru is guaranteed for period of 35 years.


We are experienced in supplying high security sites and Entertainment parks, having secured, Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, Ushaka Marine World in Durban, Abuja International Airport Nigeria, Lakwe Lakes Golf Estate in Lagos & More.

Environmentally Sound:

Our system is A+ green rated and contains non-toxic PVC.

Sole Source of Supply:

In order to protect our engineering investments we have protected the design characteristics that distinguish Clarion C-thru with patents & design registrations. In fact we own over 12 designs and patents. We can provide relevant corporate governance compliant motivation, should you wish to elect sole source of supply and negotiate directly

Key benefits:

1.     Anti- Cut, Anti- Rust and Anti-Climb

2.     Coated to Clients choice colour

3.     Zero Maintenance

4.     Rigid and Durable

5.     Highly Transparent that CCTV camera can see through it

6.     Cost Effective

7.     Zero cost in relocation without losing value

We have various TYPES of physical barriers depending on its specifications and applications.



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