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Advice clients on specification and finally agrees on seat sizes and materials to be used.

Prepare layout drawings to show walkways and aisles to international specification to accommodate free usage.

Each project is individually planned to maximize the use of available space and therefore tailor made solutions are available

for all types of projects and budget requirements. 

Dedicated craftsman are used to provide experienced input in each particular part of the process.  This results in products that

have FIRA Certifications, a lifetime warranty and require virtually no maintenance - a critical aspect for every client.



The overall design of the seat allows aisles and walkways that comply with BS 9999.In existing buildings where the rows

spacing may be particularly narrow, the Clarion ® Model 9551 seat can be up-righted to provide the required walkway.

The seat centers can be varied to suit the seat layout as required.




The seats are to be fabricated with steel tube and it includes the backseat, stand, arm rest and seat base.

 Both seatback and seat base are padded with15mm thick ply board including 18mm cushion. The arm rest is also cushion with13mmpolyurethaneform.

 Upholstery with fabric material of clients color is used to rap the backseat, armrest and seat base.

Fabricated Steel tube is treated with anti-oxidant after sandblasting and coated with Epoxy Coating.

Square Steel Tube Specification:

Height X Width: 40mm x40mm

Wall Thickness: 6mm

Specification: ASTM513



Seats are fixed to floor with anchor bolts and nuts. The Seat Stand is attached to the Base Plate with bolted to the floor.






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